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Complete Package of Motion Graphic Courses From 0 - 100 .

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Do you have plan to learn Motion graphic but don't know where and how to start ?

You want a course that contain all the things about Motion Graphic from 0 - 100 ?

Yeah , This is the right place after analyzing different sites and courses i did not found any course that contain all topics of Motion Graphic then i have decided to create a Course bundle that contain all things you need to know about Motion Graphic .
Its not important if you dont even know a single line about Motion Graphic or you didn't ever hear the name of After Effect i will guide through all the process and stuffs that makes you a professional Motion Graphic artist .

1- What do I need to Start Learning Motion Graphic ?

Nothing just a self confidence and patient makes you a professional motion graphic artist .

2- How Long It Take to Be Professional Motion Graphic Artist ?
Actually it depend on you , how much hour in a day you spent your time to learning but it takes a little bit time to be professional but dont worry i will guide on how to boost up your skills from time to time .

3- How Much Salary I Should Expect as a Motion Graphic artist ?

Its depend on how you work it means if you doing freelance jobs you will earn more than working for a TV or production company but the normal range of Motion Graphic Salary is $50036 annually in United State and €56,710 in Germany according to Glass Door job portal .

4- What Will I Learn After Finishing The Course ?

This course is not a single course it contain 2 Long courses and 2 Short classes .

Learn Motion Graphic With After Effect in 5 Hours :

This Course contain all the fundamentals and concept of Motion Graphic and How to use After Effect to Create Professional Motion Graphic projects.

Master Motion Graphic Elements with After Effect :

A complete overview on how to create different types of Motion Graphic Elements in 2.5 Hours long course .

Face Morphing Technique using After Effect - A Class on how to create Face Morphing effect in After Effect

Shape and Mask Morphing Techniques in After Effect - A Class on How to Morph Mask and Shapes to create artistic motions in AE.

5- Is The Project files of Is Available for This Course ?

Yeah , The project file and course materials are available for download .

6- Is This Course contents and Sub classes are update or not ?

Yeah , All the lessons will update over the time and new classes will add to it by the time .
Intended Audience: Everyone who are able to working with computer.

HU Shahir


HU Shahir is a MotionGraphic /Visual FX Artist and 3D Animator Since 2010 , he has experience of working with major TVs , Media Productions and Film Making Companies in Different fields , Motion Designer , VFX Artist , Visual FX Supervisor , Graphic Designer and Director of Motion Contents ... .

Now , HU Shahir is a full time Udemy instructor providing different courses related to Motion graphic , Visual FX and graphic design .

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