Cinematic Face Morphing with After Effect

How to create cinematic face morphing effect with After Effect .

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Do you want to create cinematic morphing effect using after effect built in tools ?
Have you ever tried to create this effect but don't know with which tools or plugin ?
With this course you can create a cinematic face morphing effect using built in tools of after effect without using of any third party plugins .
Understanding of morphing and its history :
We will discuss about morphing it self what is morphing ? and we will take a review to a vintage video clips that use this effect and that music video is a popular videos from great singer .
Some feature of this course :
  • Complete guide on how to create Face morphing effect .
  • Using of different built in tools in after effect.
  • Learning new tips and tricks in After effect.
  • Rules of face morphing effect .

If you really want to know how you can create this effect in after effect then take this class :)
Intended Audience: People with knowledge of using After Effect

Course Curriculum

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