Motion Graphic After Effect From Scratch

Learn After Effect from Scratch up to Advance Motion Graphic Projects.

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Searching for a perfect motion graphic course to cover all Aspects of motion graphic from basic and fundamental concepts to extremely advance project not just user interface and tools ?
So , This course is for you ..!
  • Learn and create amazing motion graphic scene using after effect powerful tools for motion design .
  • Understand basic and fundamentals concepts of motion design .
  • Graphic Designer or person with a little bit knowledge in image manipulation software or vector based like Adobe Photoshop or illustrator can take this course .
  • The course structure is that course first lessons start from beginner and basic staffs to advance motion graphic project .
  • Real world examples and high end projects will covered in this course .
  • Beside after effect built -in tools we will learn how to use famous third party plugins from different companies (Trapcode, Rowbyte.. ).
  • The main goal of this course to help students who want to be Motion graphic artist in less time and easy ways .
  • Best choice for beginner students who are not used after effect yet and don't know about motion graphics and after effect.
  • Example project at the end of each topics for better understanding .
  • At the end of this course you understand all the fundamentals concepts in motion graphic and you can analyze and create complex motion graphic scene.

Course Curriculum

Who can take this course
01- 1- Important Concepts
01-2 What is Motion Graphic
01-3 Types of Motion Graphic
01-4 12 History of Walt Disney Motion Rules
01-5 12 Rules of Motion
01-6 Physic Rules
01-7 Psychology of colors
02-08 Installing After Effect
02 -9 After Effect User Interface.mp4
02-10 Composition settings.mp4
02-11 Tools Bar.mp4
02-12 Additional Layers.mp4
02 -17 Shape tools 2.mp4
02-13 Transformation Tools.mp4
02-20 Mask.mp4
02-14 Creating our first animation.mp4
02-20 Amazing Animation using mask and shapes.mp4
02-21 Creating Text and working with it tools.mp4
02-22 Text Tools.mp4
02-15 Smoothing the Animaiton.mp4
02-18 Example Project.mp4
02-16 Shape tools.mp4
02-23 Typography Animation .mp4
02-24 What is 3D.mp4
02-25 Virtual Camera and its properties.mp4
02-26 Creating Light and 3d shadow.mp4
02-28 Effects and Presets.mp4
02-29 9 Important Effects.mp4
03-30 Parenting with Null object.mp4
02-27 Dark Shadow Example project.mp4
02-33 What is Expression.mp4
02-35 Scripts.mp4
03-31 Adjustment Layer.mp4
03-32 3D Extruding.mp4
03-34 Usefull Expressions.mp4
03-37 Trapcode Suite.mp4
03-38 Plexus.mp4
03-39 Render Settings.mp4
03-All things about Thirdparty plugins.mp4
05-43 Physic Engine.mp4
05-42 Puppet Rigging.mp4
05 - 40 Car Animation and rigging.mp4
05-44 Conclusion.mp4
Good bye.mp4

HU Shahir


HU Shahir is a MotionGraphic /Visual FX Artist and 3D Animator Since 2010 , he has experience of working with major TVs , Media Productions and Film Making Companies in Different fields , Motion Designer , VFX Artist , Visual FX Supervisor , Graphic Designer and Director of Motion Contents ... .

Now , HU Shahir is a full time Udemy instructor providing different courses related to Motion graphic , Visual FX and graphic design .

Think different and be creative :)