Step by Step Guide to Become Motion Graphic Artist

Guide on how to start learning motion graphic and how to build portfolio and get a job as a Motion Graphic artist .

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Do you have plan to learn Motion graphic but don't know where and how to start ?

Yeah , This the right place i have seen a lots of people who ask me how to become a motion graphic artist ? most of them are confuse and worried about where to start how to start and how to boost up their skills from time to time .
In this class i am gone guide on every steps of becoming a Motion Graphic artist i will talk about Motion Graphic itself and i will recommend some books for you , Online resources , How to start and other stuffs..

Features of this class :

1- Easy to follow .

2- No need any experience on motion graphic .

3- Complete guide .

Lets get started :)

Intended Audience: Everyone

Course Curriculum

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Building Portofilio.mp4
Starting Careers.mp4

HU Shahir


HU Shahir is a MotionGraphic /Visual FX Artist and 3D Animator Since 2010 , he has experience of working with major TVs , Media Productions and Film Making Companies in Different fields , Motion Designer , VFX Artist , Visual FX Supervisor , Graphic Designer and Director of Motion Contents ... .

Now , HU Shahir is a full time Udemy instructor providing different courses related to Motion graphic , Visual FX and graphic design .

Think different and be creative :)